Dirt Navy
DJI 0290


  • House Cuts
  • Pool Excavations
  • Tight access
  • Retaining Walls
  • Driveways
  • Plumbing & Drainage


We’ve completed hundreds of site cuts in our time, ranging from just stripping topsoil from the building platform to large cut-to-fill exercises. We work closely with our clients to not only form a suitably compacted and stable building platform but to consider other re-contouring and shaping around the property for when it comes time to landscape and revegetate. With our superior knowledge of residential and rural house excavations, you’re in great hands. 



Working closely with multiple poor builders in South and East Auckland, we’re the go-to excavation company for quality and accuracy in the fast-paced pool industry. Whether it be a large open new-build site or on a small back lawn in the middle suburbia, we’ve got the gear and know-how to pull any pool excavation off without a hitch. In fact, we once were a team of contract installers ourselves so we understand the pool install process like no other earthworks company.


If there’s a team that knows their way around tight spaces, it’s us. Completing pool excavation and installations in tidy little Auckland backyards has conditioned us to tight spaces and we’re no strangers to thinking outside the box to get the job done. From craning machines in over houses, using conveyor belt units strategically placed through the house to even helicoptering pool shells into place, we have a solution for every scenario. 



Whether it be a straight plain-jane timber solution or something with a bit of flair like a multi-tiered keystone retaining system, we’ve got you covered. With a flurry of experience within our team and the vast local knowledge of soil types, piling techniques and retaining structures, we’re a one-stop shop when you need earth held back.


Driveways are the hardest-wearing part of your property and are in constant exposure to the elements and vehicle traffic so like anything that shares the same short straw, they don’t last long if not properly maintained. From cost-effective repairs to existing gravel driveways right through to no expense spared kerbed asphalt driveways or decorative concrete, we take care of it all.



The invisible army under the earth all over the world, plumbing and drainage are essential for the sanitary living of the developed world. Whether it be residential or civil drainage we’ve got the know-how and resources to get the job done.