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  • Mulching & Land-clearing
  • Cowsheds & Feedpads
  • Burials
  • Field Drainage
  • Cattle Races & Yards
  • Dams & Effulent Ponds
  • Silage stacking
  • Underpasses

MULCHING & LAND-CLEARING:  We’ve been engaged on multiple occasions to provide mulching and clearing services to rural and agricultural clients. From excavator-mounted flail mulchers, stump rippers, root rakes and grab buckets we’ve got the gear to turn overgrown land into rolling meadows.

COWSHEDS & FEEDPADS:  From assisting building companies in shed construction right through to feed pads, hardstands and run-off control, we’re a valuable team to have on your side. 

CATTLE RACES and YARDS:  Being in the earthworks industry and knowing how much the weather affects our day-to-day operations, we understand the importance of a well-set-out and constructed, all-weather operation. Using either rotten rock, limestone or overburden sourced on site we can get those races and yards contoured correctly. To a quality you could have fully loaded trucks swinging around on day in, day out. 


- Tennis Courts,

- Motocross tracks,

- Film sets/locations,

- Insurance work.

FIELD DRAINAGE:  In Auckland’s rural fringes lies very heavy clay/silty soils with poor draining properties. The age-old method of installing field drainage to sodden and soft pastures helps relieve surface water and gives the water an easy path to run to. Thus providing improved drainage and run-off control to surrounding areas, drying the paddocks out and making your pastures more usable all year round. As well as cutting/cleaning open drains, we’ve installed kilometres of perforated pipe field drainage in the Franklin District in diameters right up to 300mm and several meters deep so if you’ve got wet paddocks and want a contractor with proven, working solutions, get in touch.  

DAMS & EFFLUENT PONDS:  Just as important as getting rid of the water, having the correct systems and structures to store and hold that water is crucial to a farm's management. Whether it be damming a stream to create a pond/water source to pump from or settling ponds for the treatment of run-off we can provide solutions from compacted earth dams right through to lined effluent ponds so get in touch with us to discuss how we can be of service. 

BURIALS:  Unfortunately, a not-so-glamorous part of what we do is laying animals to rest after they’ve passed. Some are pets, others are livestock but we treat them all the same…with care and respect. Being pet owners ourselves we know how much of an effect these family members of ours can have on our lives from lifelong bonds with equines to past calf-club animals so we’re happy to accommodate any requests and offer honest compassion when putting your beloved pets to a gentle rest.